Summer Seminar 2007

Taoist Arts Center:
Summer Retreat 2007

Free and Easy Wandering:
A New York City Retreat
A Journey through Chinese Meditation

Friday June 22nd thru Monday June 25th

Free and Easy Wandering: A Journey through Chinese Meditation is the Taoist Arts Center's summer retreat in New York City. Director  Susan Rabinowitz will teach Free and Easy Wandering, guiding students of all styles and levels of experience past the externals and into the  heart of Meditation. Students will receive thorough and clear  instruction, learning meditation and chi kung techniques of the Chinese  masters.

Free from routine stress, and guided by a master teacher, here is a rare opportunity to learn and practice real Taoist Meditation and Chi Kung. Seasoned students of all styles will  find their practice enriched and rejuvenated. Newcomers to these  wonderful arts will get off to a relaxing yet powerful start. The  insights to be gained from this retreat will be useful to meditators,  healers, athletes, everyone who wants to achieve a clear, relaxed,  balanced spirituality, and everyone who is fascinated with meditation  and chi kung but mystified as to how they really work.

Free and Easy Wandering: A Journey through Chinese Meditation
will help you to:

  • Relax
  • Release stress
  • Awaken spirituality
  • Expand your consciousness
  • Calm emotions
  • Activate your chakras
  • Harmonize body, mind and spirit
  • Resonate your with innermost self, nature and the universe

Free and Easy Wandering: A Journey through Chinese Meditation:
6 modular but connected workshops designed to help students harmonize with themselves, nature and the universe.
Over the centuries the Chinese have developed their own meditation  techniques and adapted those of India, Tibet and elsewhere. These  workshops will explore the Buddhist and Taoist Meditation traditions through six very different but effective techniques for  expanding awareness. Special emphasis will be given to the Taoist Water  Method of Lao Tzu, a unique meditation tradition with a gentle approach  that has many applications to daily  life.
Being Present
Friday: June 22nd
7:00 to 9:30 pm
Many spiritual traditions recommend being present and living in the moment.  Long believed to promote feelings of well-being, being present helps  people slow down and recognize the wonder in every day. The Insight  Meditations in this workshop offer breathing, movement and awareness  techniques to help students gain self-knowledge, and unite body, mind,  heart and soul. Being Present is an excellent introduction to Buddhist  and Taoist meditation and will be useful to all those who wish to  increase their consciousness and awakened to the universal in everyday  life.
Chakra Balancing
Saturday: June 23rd
Noon to 2:30 pm.
Some of the oldest Buddhist meditations on mindfulness of the body vanished  from India but were preserved in Southeast Asia. In this version of the  White Bone Meditation from the Theravada tradition students learn to  visualize their skeleton and then their chakras (energy centers) in  order to connect with the energy of the universe. With its use of  visualization and its power to help students cut through attachments to a calm, clear awareness, the Chakra Balance Meditation is an excellent  introduction to the central Buddhist tradition of meditation.
Gathering Essence Qigong
Saturday: June 23rd
3:30 to 6:00 pm.
Gathering Essence Qigong (chi kung) is a one-movement exercise that cultivates  and circulates chi - life essence - throughout the body for health,  strength and balance. This smoothly flowing exercise strengthens the  muscles, stretches the ligaments, tones the internal organs and  energizes and relaxes the body and mind. It takes just a few minutes to  perform and is a great addition to your daily routine. An excellent  preliminary to any meditation practice, Gathering Essence Qigong can be  helpful to all those who wish to feel and healthier, more balanced and  stronger.
The Gentle Rain
Sunday: June 24th
Noon to 2:30 pm.
Taoist Inner Dissolving (often called The Gentle Rain) is the central practice in the Water Tradition. As water wears away rock, Inner Dissolving  enables us to wear away obstacles to our spiritual growth leading us  gently inward to our being and helping us to fully live our lives. It is extremely effective while also gentle. The meditations taught in this  workshop will help us to become aware of our hidden motivations and  enable us to change or eliminate those that we no longer find useful.  The Gentle Rain will be helpful for all those who wish to develop  peaceful, relaxed, energy and feel more at one with the universe around  them.
Cosmic Resonance Meditation
Saturday - June 24th
3:30 to 6:00 pm
Taoism preserved and developed the native meditation traditions of China,  Tibet and elsewhere. In this meditation from the Water Tradition of Lao  Tzu, students learn to feel and transform the energies of their mind and body, so they may resonate with the energies of their inmost selves, of nature and the universe around them. Cosmic Resonance provides a  tangibl connection to a profound but little known tradition of Taoist  meditation.
The Jump to Emptiness
Monday Night - June 25th
7:00 to 9:30 pm.
Emptiness is the source of all being. In Emptiness there is clarity, inner stillness and a central place that is permanent and stable. The goal of many spiritual traditions, the peaceful quiet mind - empty - yet filled with awareness, is the perfect vehicle for increasing  mindfulness and cosmic realization. In this workshop traditional Taoist  techniques will help students relax, release energy blocks, and convert  emotional energy to spirit and emptiness. Open to all, 'The Jump to Emptiness' will be useful to everyone who wishes to relax into an expanded consciousness and a new level of inner harmony and joy.
Free and Easy Wandering is open to students of all traditions and all levels of experience.
Students are welcome to attend all 4 days of workshops or any combination of the above.

Personalize these courses to fit your schedule.
Come for 1-2-3 or 4 days.
Classes are modular and combine well with each other for maximum benefit.
So take all the courses of just the ones you desire.
Free and Easy Wandering will leave you feeling more calm, peaceful and awakened to the universal in daily life.

FOR INFORMATION CALL 212-477-7055.      

Free and Easy Wandering will be  complemented by instruction in Water-method Chi Kung (qigong).  Water-method Chi Kung gently dissolves energy blockages while  strengthening the body, mind and spirit, thus avoiding the potential  harm that may result from more forceful practices. All Water Method  practices are designed to harmonize individuals with themselves, their  environment and the universe around them.

Instructor Susan Rabinowitz, Director of the Taoist Arts Center, has more than thirty years  experience in the internal arts of Meditation, Tai Chi Chuan and Chi  Kung. Susan has studied meditation with several outstanding teachers,  including Master B.P. Chan, Ping Cheng and Taoist Master Bruce Kumar  Frantzis, a lineage master in the Taoist Meditation tradition of Lao  Tzu.

Instruction is provided at the Taoist Arts Center in New York City.
Location: The Taoist Arts Center
                342 East 9th Street (between 1st and 2nd Ave)
                 New York City, New York 10003
Information: 212-477-7055

Here are a few comments from students at our previous retreats:

  • 'Meditation just makes you feel calmer.' Robin B.
  • 'I enjoyed learning a way to relax into myself, gently but with real results. I was able to renew myself, body, mind and spirit.' Terry T.
  • 'The relaxing atmosphere and nurturing quality of Susie's teaching are conducive for a wonderful  learning environment This workshop really helped me to deepen my  practice.'Max Q
  • 'Susan's adaptable and concise teaching style wiggled into cracks in my tension and helped it open naturally from the inside.' Tyler B.

    If you would like to read more comments from our friends and students please see our Reviews page.
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