Open House

Taoist Arts Center:
Open House

The Open House is a great time to visit the Taoist Arts Center.

Taoist Arts Center :
Open House
 September 2012
at 4:00 PM

  • See ...
         Taoist Arts in Action
  • Learn ...
         How they Change Lives
  • Meet...
         The Students who Know

At the Open House we'll talk about our classes for the coming season and have videos and demonstrations. Continuing students will tell why  they like Tai Chi and why they come to our school. Everyone can ask  their questions.

What: Open House
Where: Taoist Arts Center 342 East 9th St. NYC
When: September 11th, 2011 at 4:00 PM
Information: 212/ 477-7055

All are Welcome. Come say hello and bring a Friend !

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Here are some comments from our students

The Taoist Arts Center is a very relaxed place that teaches very serious internal arts. Sara P

I like the Taoist Arts Center for the warmth and welcome I receive upon arrival and for the serenity with which I leave. The  internal arts I learn there nurture my spirit and strengthen by body. They have given me enhanced mental and physical energy and focus. You  are dedicated and caring teachers who allow your pupils to reach their full potential. Sheryl B  

The Taoist Arts Center is great. The people are friendly and I love the classes. I especially enjoy Sara's enrichment classes the last 2 weeks of each term, they help me to improve my Tai Chi and Chi Kung and are lots of fun.  Joan R

To read more of what our students say see our Reviews Page

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