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Tai Chi Chuan is a centuries old system of gentle physical exercise that is practiced the world over for health and fitness. The movements of Tai Chi, which are often described as slow motion, were designed to enhance relaxation, self-defense and self cultivation.

Tai Chi emphasizes gentle movement and inner calm rather than strength. It is becoming well-recognized in modern medicine for its therapeutic effects which include improve flexibility and range of motion, muscle strength and balance. For specific research information about the healing benefits of Tai Chi and other related topics, see our
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Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan

Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan is a Tai Chi form for everyone. With its small movements and emphasis on healing the Wu Style is especially good for healing joint and back pain, releasing stress and calming the nervous system.


Students practice Wu style Tai Chi at The Taoist Arts Center.

The Wu style of Tai Chi has forms of varying lengths and differing levels of complexity.

Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form
The Short Form contains all the important health techniques of the longer forms and is easier to learn. The Short Form is useful for everyone and is a health practice for life. It is best to begin your study of Wu Style Tai Chi with the Short Form as is requires a minimum of athletic ability and once learned can be practiced in just five minutes.
Beginners are Welcome to attend our Wu Style Tai Chi classes on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 p.m.

Wu Style Tai Chi Mini Form
The Mini Form is especially easy to do and may be learned in a very short time. It contains the most important health techniques of the longer forms and can be practiced in less than three minutes.

Wu Style Tai Chi Intermediate Form
The Intermediate Form is the perfect step-up for students who want to upgrade their Tai Chi. More martiall and athletic than the Short Form, the Intermediate Form teaches circularity of movement, builds health, strength and martial readiness and is the gateway to the traditional Long Form. This form takes about ten minutes to practice. We teach the Intermediate Form privately to those who have learned the Wu Short Form, or any Tai Chi form.

Wu Style Tai Chi Long Form
This traditional Wu Style Long Form is offered for students with knowledge of the Intermediate Form. It will fully open your body and your energy and expand your mind. It creates strength through flexibility and balances all the systems of the body. It takes about forty five minutes to do the Long Form. We teach the Wu Style Long Form privately to those who know the Wu Intermediate form, or any Tai Chi form.

Secrets of Tai Chi: The Internal Arts from the Inside Out
Secrets of Tai Chi will guide students beyond the externals to the heart of Tai Chi. Students will learn to power their moves by stretching inward, opening and closing joints, coiling muscles and directing energy. They will go beyond the physical postures and focus on learning Tai Chi from the inside out to bring more chi into their Tai Chi for increased power, health and relaxation. Designed for students at all levels, Secrets of Tai Chi is a must for everyone who wants the real Tai Chi.

Tai Chi Form Corrections
The theme of this class is principles in practice. Students will learn techniques that will help them to become more grounded, balanced and aligned, iinsrease their coordination and expand their internal awareness. An important element of Tai Chi practice for the neophyte as well as the advanced practitioner, Tai Chi Form Corrections will help students become more comfortable with the movements and get the most from their form. We teach Tai Chi Form Corrections privately to those with prior knowledge of the Wu or Yang styles to Tai Chi Chuan.

We teach the Wu Style Short Form to everyone. The intermediate form to those who have learned the Short Form (or any Tai Chi form) and the Long Form to advanced students.

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Catherine Chenoweth leads  students in the Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form.

Some comments from our Tai Chi students
‘What keeps me going to Tai Chi is Tai Chi. It is just so interesting. When I was getting to the end of the short form course, I used to feel as if each class was a chapter in a page-turner of a novel, and I could hardly wait to see how it would turn out! When I was finished, I hust wanted to read it again and find out what I had missed.’ Carola D.

Tai Chi has helped me to lean back, relas and feel the earth. It is soothing and has given me increased physical confidence. Leaving the mind and turning off internal thoughts. I practice for health and longevity. Dorothy D’

To read more of what our students say, please visit our Reviews page.

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