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Taoist Arts Center:
Who We Are

The Taoist Arts  Center was established in 1990 out of a long term commitment to  practicing the internal arts and creating a vibrant community where people can learn about tai chi, chi kung, meditation and share what they know. Our students come from all walks of life and from all  backgrounds. We invite you to come by and check us out.

Susan Rabinowitz, Director
Susan Rabinowitz is an Adept who can communicate.

Susan Rabinowitz is the  founder, director, main teacher of the Taoist Arts Center. A senior student of Taoist Master Bruce Kumar Frantzis from whom she learned the Water Method of the internal arts, Susan is certified to teach the Wu Style Short Form of Tai Chi Chuan. She has studied the Wu Style Long form and Taoist Meditation with Mr. Frantzis since 1987, and has completed his six part Nei Gung system. (Frantzis learned these subjects and others as a formal  disciple of the late Taoist Grand Master Liu Hung Chieh, with whom he  studied in Beijing, China.).

Susan is a graduate of the Wm. C. C. Chen School of Tai Chi Chuan, where she studied Yang Style Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation with Master B. P. Chan (photo below). Susan has also learned from other leading internal arts teachers, including Master Ping Zhen Cheng, with whom she studied the Wu Tang style of Tai Chi Chuan, chi kung and meditation.


Susan Rabinowitz and B.P.Chan. 1985

The Water Method of Lao Tzu and the early Taoists permeates Susan's approach to the internal arts. As water wears away rock, practitioners of this method dissolve blockages and allow their energy to circulate freely. The Water Method builds a foundation of good health. From there practitioners  learn to dispel their emotional and psychic ghosts and transform themselves into balanced, mature beings at ease with themselves and  their environment.

Susan is a licensed massage  therapist with a knowledge of acupuncture and a Bachelor of Arts in  psychology. She has practiced the Internal Arts for over 35 years and  has taught at places like New York University, the New School University, the NYC Dept. of Health, Colgate-Palmolive Co. and Virginia Tech. She has developed a specialized Chi Kung program for Senior Citizens called Eldercise.

Susan's work was twice featured on the cable TV program Light...Quest. and was showcased on the video 'Who am I? Why am I Here?' narrated by Thomas Moore. Her article Dragon and Tiger Chi Kung was published in the November 2002, issue of Inside Kung Fu Magazine. In September, 2007 she was interviewed by the New York Japion on the values of studying Tai Chi Chuan. You may read it here.

Personal Training and private consultations with Susan Rabinowitz are available.

'I like Susan' s approach on a number of levels. She is relaxed strong, energetic, organized and genuinely  interested in her students.' Oliver W.

Sara Powell, Instructor

Sara Powell is the Assistant Instructor at the Taoist Arts Center. She has studied Tai Chi, Chi Kung and meditation with Susan Rabinowitz since 1998 and is certified to teach the Wu style short form of Tai Chi Chuan by Taoist Master Bruce Frantzis. A licensed physical therapist for  over 25 years. Sara has trained in the Alexander and Feldenkrais techniques and in Hatha Yoga. She established the Springfield School of Holistic Massage in 1982. Sara's extensive background enables her to integrate the eastern and western approaches to health for her students at the Taoist Arts Center, helping them to get the most out of their studies in the shortest amount of time.

For more information call  (212) 477-7055 or
send email to srab@taoist-arts.com

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