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Susan Rabinowitz developed the Eldercise Program in response to her many years of experience teaching chi kung at Senior Citizen Centers and Senior Citizen Health-Care Facilities throughout the country. Susan designed the Eldercise program to help energize and rejuvenate people in their golden years regardless of their condition of health.

Senior Citizens have special needs. Eldercise is a gentle, non-impact exercise system which strengthens and balances the  body, while  encouraging circulation and flexibility. Eldercise uses the principles of Tai Chi and Chi Kung in a simple and efficient manner to help students accomplish various health aims without compromising their wellness. Eldercise can be practiced in the convalescent stages of most illness. The exercises are cumulative: the longer they are practiced, the more the students benefit. Eldercise has been successful in helping many Senior Citizens to regain youthful vigor and joy of life.


Eldercise with Susan Rabinowitz (rignt) and students.

Many students of Eldercise report that they regain abilities they thought were gone forever, are  able to walk longer distances, and can climb stairs more easily. Many seniors have difficulty walking more than short distances, and Eldercise students have reported that they can return to their normal life patterns after practicing Eldercise.

The ability to walk further is important to many students, especially Dylan, who lives in a 6 floor  walkup apartment and has to traverse the stairs with her dog twice a day. Another student with long term back pain can now wash her dishes and do housework without pain for the first time in many years after practicing Eldercise for a short time. Other students have felt calmer and more contented and found that they could control their coughing spells.

Susan is available to teach one-half day to two day workshops in Eldercise at Senior Citizen Housing  Communities, Day Centers and Health-Care Centers throughout the year in  the New York Metropolitan Area; other locations can be arranged.  Please call (212) 477-7055 or email srab@taoist-arts.com for more information.

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