Corporate Presentations

Taoist Arts Center:
Corporate Presentations

The Taoist Arts Center is now offering Corporate Presentations.

These workday presentations have been designed to help employees manage stress and reduce  tension by teaching simple exercises from Tai Chi that they can use everyday.

Tai Chi is being recommended by many medical doctors as a means of reducing stress and helping people to feel rejuvenated.


Susan Rabinowitz
Wu style Tai Chi Chuan

Susan's presentations have been offered at companies such as Colgate-Palmolive and at the New York City Department of Health: Worksite Wellness Program. They have been designed to give people clear and simple ways to deal with their stress and tension by showing them how Tai Chi can improve their health and peace of mind. In these presentations Susan and her assistants demonstrate and explain various styles and movements of Tai Chi and discuss the health principles upon which they are built. These presentations include a bibliography and a listing of Tai Chi schools in New York City. Susan's presentations typically last between 1 hour and three afternoons. Ongoing worksite wellness programs are also available.

 'Susan is an especially  competent teacher. She presents a wealth of information in extremely clear, concise terms and clarifies many areas of common misunderstanding. Susan's capacity to lead her students smoothly into  daily practice, and her ability to share traditional knowledge, combined with her gift for integrating ideas from modern science into this ancient art, have made studying Tai chi with her a particularly rewarding and fascinating experience. Since studying with Susan, I feel healthier, have more energy and have gained a deeper understanding of my body.' D. Noe, educator

Susan Rabinowitz is available for Corporate Presentations throughout the year. For more information or to schedule a presentation, please call us at (212) 477-7055 or email us. Susan also teaches classes at her school the Taoist Arts Center year-round.

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