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Chi Kung is the basis of Tai Chi Chuan and Taoist Meditation. Like acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Chi Kung is based upon the idea that smoothly flowing Chi or life force is essential to health.

Chi Kung is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is commonly used for its beneficial healing effects. Chi Kung techniques are cumulative. As you continue to practice chi kung its effects will increase, your body will be stronger, your mind will relax, your health will improve, your spirits will lift.




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The main idea of Chi Kung is to develop and store Chi. Chi Kung (energy work) exercises balance and increase our energy and develops strength and well being. Chi Kung uses the natural functions of our body to release stress, develop flexibility, stamina and coordination, and heal chronic joint and back problems.(Chi Kung is allso known as, Qigong, Nei Gung, Chi Gung, Taoist Energy Arts or Chinese health exercise.) 

Here are some Chi Kung courses we teach:
Blue Heron Chi Kung
Dragon and Tiger Chi Kung
Gathering Essence Chi Kung
The 8 Pieces of Brocade Chi Kung
The Marriage of Heaven and Earth Chi Kung

We offer these Chi Kung courses to fit individual needs. We begin in the fall with simple yet effective Chi Kung exercises. Gradually throughout the year the exercises increase in complexity. For a list of offerings see our Class Schedule.

See below to learn about our Chi Kung programs .

Bend the Bow and Shoot the Arrow
Bend the Bow and Shoot the Arrow gives students entry to areas of major blockages and enables individuals to clear them so they may realign their vertebrae for optimal health and movement. It connects the arms and legs to the spine, energizes the internal organs and improves digestion. Bend the Bow and Shoot the Arrow is healing, relaxing and a great practice for everyone who wants to feel more flexible and at ease.

Better Breathing
Breath is life. In this class Taoist breathing techniques will teach students how to relax their breath as a way to reduce stress and tension, prevent and heal illness and provide the basis for effective tai chi, chi kung and meditation. An excellent class for beginners and intermediates alike. Better Breathing is open to all.

Blue Heron Chi Kung
Blue Heron Chi Kung is a medical form of Chi Kung that enhances the energy of the entire body for health and well being. Heron Breathing strengthens legs and improves balance while relaxing the breath, invigorating the internal organs and calming the mind. The gentle energizing movements of Blue Heron make it an excellent introduction to the healing aspect of Chi Kung and a great set for everyone who wants to feel healthier and more alive.

Breath for Health
Relaxation for the modern age. Ancient Chinese techniques to enhance your energy, calm your mind and improve your health. Useful for everyday life, this relaxed approach to breath increases endurance, releases tension and unifies body and mind. Excellent for beginners and intermediates alike, Breath for Health is open to all.  

Circling Hands Chi Kung
Circling Hands Chi Kung is the key to the internal arts. It uses the natural circular movements of the body to relax nerves, circulate energy, strengthen the system and improve health. The smooth steady movements enable students to focus the mind, open the meridians, connect the limbs to the torso and increase range of motion. Beneficial to beginners and intermediates alike, Circling Hands Chi Kung will be useful for dancers, athletes, healers and practitioners of Chi Kung and Tai Chi.

Cool Summer Chi Kung
Ease into summer with this low stress  approach to the Chinese way of health and harmony. These flowing  movements cool, calm, and relax body and mind, while increasing  strength, balance and energy. Summer Classes are modular yet connected and may be taken individually or in combination. Take them all, or  drop-in when you can.

Chi Kung Meditation
Chi Kung Meditation brings 'motion to stillness and stillness to motion' and takes meditation into daily life. Students will learn standing, sitting and moving exercises to energize their body, relax their nervous system and calm their minds. These gentle techniques combine physical movement with softening of the breath and easing of the mind to produce a unique whole body experience that balances the energies of the lower, middle and upper energy centers, for health, strength and ease. 
Chinese Bodywork for Health and Healing
These traditional Chinese techniques release pain and tension, open blocked energy channels and free your own energy and that of others. The class presents techniques for self-massage and two person practices as well as several psychic self-defense exercises designed to prevent burnout. Useful for everyone interested in health, relaxation and massage Chinese Bodywork is open to individuals at all levels of experience.

Classics of the Internal Arts
Commonly called the Tai Chi Classics, these aphorisms are time-honored guides for practicing Tai Chi, Chi  Kung and the other internal arts. Attributed to Tai Chi
’s founder Chang San-feng and other legendary masters, the Classics present the basic principles that define the internal arts and serve as a guide for their practice. The Classics will serve as as a base to help students understand the deeper ideas behind Tai Chi, Chi Kung, meditation so they may improve their forms, increase their energy and feel more relaxed. Open to Beginners, Intermediates and students of all styles
Dragon and Tiger Chi Kung
Dragon and Tiger Chi Kung is a medical form of Chi Kung that is especially helpful for those recovering from illness or injury. It is appropriate for students at all ages and levels of fitness, is easy to learn and can be used to relieve stress, increase flexibility and enhance well-being. Dragon and Tiger chi kung is open to all.

Eight Pieces of Brocade
The Eight Pieces of Brocade is one of the oldest and most commonly practiced chi kung sets in the world for health and longevity. Athletic and energizing, it strengthens the legs, stretches the ligaments and energizes the entire body. An excellent transition from external to internal movement, the Eight Pieces of Brocade is appropriate for students at all levels of experience.
Energy of Healing
The Energy of Healing turns ancient medical theory into a vibrant chi kung practice for strength and well being. Students will use the insights of Chinese medicine to improve the circulation of blood and chi, aid delivery of oxygen to the cells, stimulate the immune system, open the acupuncture meridians and balance the 5 elements that flow through the body. A terrific introduction for beginners and a great way for intermediates to
increase their understanding of the Taoist internal arts.

Energy, Circulation and Vitality
Energy is the vibrant heart of the internal arts. It is the basis of all Tai Chi and chi kung, the healing energy of Chinese massage and the fuel for Taoist meditation. This course will help students dissolve energy blocks and circulate chi from their feet to their belly in order to enhance our health and vitality, add spring to our step and help us produce the power to reach our goals. 
Entering Chi Kung Meditation
Harmonize your body, energy, heart and mind through this introduction to Chi Kung and Taoist Meditation. This low stress beginning to Chi Kung (energy  work), consists of easy-to-learn movements that are the basis of Tai Chi and Chinese medicine, combined with instruction in Taoist Meditation. This safe, relaxing and effective way to practice spirituality in daily life is open to all.

Essentials of Healing
The techniques in this course promote efficient movement of chi throughout  the body and are widely used in China to relieve back, neck and joint  problems. Merging and circulating the energies of body and mind, opening the joints and balancing the meridians, these ancient practices help ward off disease and create feelings of relaxation and harmony with oneself and the universe. Essentials of Healing is easy to understand for beginners and invaluable for established practitioners.

Everyday Exercise
Renew, restore and refresh yourself with these easy to learn exercises from ancient China that relax the breath, stretch the muscles and harmonize the chi of the entire body. Everyday Exercise Chi Kung will increase your strength, expand your endurance and add zip to your step. A great set for beginners and all those wishing to enjoy their exercise everyday,

Finding Your Root
Like a tree on a mountain Tai Chi and Chi Kung practitioners stand between heaven and earth and are nurtured by both. Rooting - connecting with the energy  of the earth - develops strength, balance, harmony and ease. Students will learn Taoist breathing and dissolving techniques that will help them receive energy from the universe and send it down to their roots in the earth. We will learn standing practices that provide a solid base for all Tai Chi forms, Push Hands and overall good health.


Susan Rabinowitz demonstrates  Dragon & Tiger Chi Kung.

Mr Chan Weights TC Farm

B.P. Chan demonstrates chi kung
weight lifting at the Tai Chi Farm.

Freeing Your Chi
Freely flowing of chi (life energy)  increases flexibility, releases tension and encourages well being. In this course students learn traditional medical chi kung techniques to help them release bound chi in their muscles and joints and add flexibility to their back, neck,  shoulders and arms. The exercises reduce the incidence of repetitive stress injuries, enhance range of movement and ward off disease. A great practice for martial artists, healers and all who would like to feel healthier, more relaxed and vital. Freeing your Chi is open to all.

Gathering Essence
Gathering Essence cultivates and circulates chi (life essence) throughout the  body for health, stamina and vitality. This smoothly flowing one-movement exercise strengthens the muscles, stretches the ligaments, tones the internal organs, sends chi to the fingertips and energizes and relaxes body and mind. A great addition to anyones daily routine, Gathering Essence is open to all.

Get More Chi Now
Chinese medical theory believes that smoothly flowing chi is essential for vibrant health and that  good alignment helps energy move. The exercises in Get More Chi Now will help students release bound chi, coordinate physical movement with energy and connect their mind and body to increase health, endurance and vitality.

Gods Playing in the Clouds
This powerful chi kung set features flowing movement and vibrant energy. The bridge between chi kung and Taoist meditation, Gods Playing in the  Clouds is famous for strengthening the bones, clearing the emotions, energizing the brain and opening the heart. This graceful set includes many healing techniques of the Chinese masters and was the personal chi kung set of Taoist Master Liu Hung Chieh. OPEN TO INTERMEDIATE LEVEL STUDENTS
Gods Meditating in the Clouds
This powerful chi kung unites the techniques of Taoist Meditation with the motions of Gods in the Clouds, to help enhance and circulate blood and chi throughout the body, strengthen the internal organs, open the heart and harmonize body, mind and spirit.
Gods Spiraling in the Clouds
This set unites the natural spiraling pathways of people's energy body with the motions of Gods Playing in the Clouds to provide a meditative chi kung set with flowing movement and vibrant energy. These 6 fluid exercises enhance and spiral energy throughout the body to strengthen the bones, open the heart and lift the spirits.
Grounding, Balance and Structure
Traditional Taoist standing, breathing and movement practices will help individuals release tension and become more balanced and energized. Heron Breathing relaxes the breath, strengthens the body and creates a  grounded and harmonious structure that invigorates internal organs. Standing practices root pupils to the earth and calm the nerves, unified movement soothes the mind.
Healing Your Joints
Increase the flexibility in your back, neck, shoulders and arms by adding spring to your joints. Traditional Chinese medical theory believes many illness begin when we loose elasticity and become rigid and that the joints of our body are the first place to suffer. Healing Your Joints will teach students to reduce unwanted pain and tension, enhance their range of  movement and restore the free flow of chi for improved health and  mobility. Open to All.

Inside the Ten Taoist Exercises
Move beyond the externals and into the heart of The 10 Taoist Exercises to energize your internal organs, increase your stamina, strengthen your immune system and relax your mind. Open to students at all levels of  experience.

Longevity Breathing
Breath is life. Many spiritual traditions maintain that better breathing is the key to a healthy body and a clear and calm mind. Taoist Full Body Breathing will teach students to reduce stress and tension and prevent and heal illness. An excellent skill in itself and an essential prelude to Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation, this course will be useful for meditators, martial artists and all those who wish to feel healthier, more balanced and relaxed. Beginners Welcome.

Marriage of Heaven and Earth 
This 4000 year old exercise is famous as a one-movement health practice. Uniting all the Taoist body practices in one smoothly flowing movement, The Marriage of Heaven and Earth helps people to breathe fully, heal the internal organs and release energy for relaxation, strength and  calmness. It gently but completely stretches, soothes and massages  all the muscles and joints and helps individuals to access and improve areas of discomfort or injury.

Medical Chi Kung
Medical Chi Kung is the part of traditional Chinese medicine that cultivates and controls energy for increased health and well being. Practiced by millions worldwide, it improves the circulation of  blood and chi, aids the delivery of oxygen to the cells and stimulates the immune system. This course turns Chinese medical theory into chi  kung practice. Students will use the insights of Chinese medicine to improve circulation of blood and chi within their bodies, aid delivery of oxygen to their cells and stimulate their immune systems. A great introduction to Chinese medicine, Medical Chi Kung will be helpful for all those who want to feel healthy, relaxed and vital.

Opening the Energy Gates of your Body
Part 1. Dissolving, Cloud Hands, Spine Stretch
Part 2 & 3. The Three Energy Gates Swings

The exercises in Opening the Energy Gates of your Body are centering and grounding and stabilizing.. They enable students to bridge the gap between body and mind, focus on internal processes, eliminate blockages and maximize energy. The exercises in Energy Gates Part 1 consist of Outer Dissolving, Cloud Hands and the Taoist spine stretch. Outer Dissolving is a standing meditation that uses the mind to release pain and tension from the body. The Cloud Hands exercise strengthens and connects students to their core, joins the arms and legs to the spine and  focuses on the internal body alignments necessary for increased energy, health and vitality. The unique Taoist Spine Stretch reduces stress and trauma and increases energy. Energy Gates Part 2 & 3 continues the dissolving process, increases students understanding of cloud hands and expands the energy of their aura with the three Swings. The set balances the energies of the lower, middle and upper internal organs, improves the health of the entire system, lubricates the joints, eases the mind and lifts the spirits.
Opening Yin and Yang
Without Yin there is no Yang, without Yang there is no Yin. These universal  energies circulate through all things and endlessly transform into one another. In this course students will learn techniques to circulate and balance the energies of the Yin and Yang meridians within their bodies for increased power, comfort and a feeling of universal oneness.
Psychic Self Defense
Psychic Self Defense can help you to dissolve your troubles away. Psychic Self  Defense will offer traditional Taoist techniques that will enable individuals to dissolve unwanted energies in their environment safely and peacefully. These gentle techniques show students how to notice and dissolve outer control and manipulation, be less internally fearful and more at ease with the world around them.

Secrets of the Internal Arts:  Tai Chi and Chi Kung from the Inside Out
This course guides students past the externals and into the heart of Tai  Chi and chi kung. Students will go beyond the physical postures and focus on learning the Internal Arts from the inside out to bring more chi into their practice for increased power, health and relaxation. Open to students at all levels of experience, Secrets of the Internal Arts is a must for everyone who wants effective chi kung and the real Tai Chi.
Sinking Your Root: Push Hands for Grounding
Internal Artists are like willows with roots that go deep in the earth and leaves that dance in the air. This course will help students sink their energy below their feet for grounding, balance and strength, and sensitize their arms so they may feel and emit energy. The relaxed, cooperative, two person exercises help students develop, health, insight and ease in everyday interactions.

Sleeping Chi Kung
Widely practiced for health and rejuvenation, Sleeping Chi Kung is based upon the circulation of internal energy. The simple postures help students sleep more restfully, relieve pain and tension and correct chronic conditions. A great addition to anyone's daily routine, Sleeping Chi Kung can be beneficial for all who wish to feel calm, comfortable and relaxed.
Spinal Chi Kung
Spinal Chi Kung increases the flexibility of the spine and strengthens the physical and energetic links between the vertebrae and the internal organs. By freeing the energy between the bones students learn to clear blockages and realign their spines for optimal health and movement.

Spiraling Energy Body
Spiraling Energy Body Chi Kung reinforces the natural spiraling pathways of energy in the body. These exercises focus on delivering energy to any part of the body at will, so it can be used to do work, issue  power or heal illness

Swimming in Air
Swim in the energy of chi while practicing this graceful chi kung from ancient China. The sinuous and flowing moves if the 8 Taoist exercises strengthen and relax body and mind while they extend your range of motion. Swimming in Air firms the legs, flexes the spine and unites the chi of the entire body for increased heath and vigor. An excellent set for beginners and advanced students alike.

The Tai Chi Classics
The Tai Chi Classics are time-honored guides for practicing Tai Chi and the other internal arts. Attributed to Chang San-feng (the legendary founder of Tai Chi) and other famous masters, the Classics present the basic principles that define the internal arts and serve as a guide for their practice. This course will use the Classics as a base to help students understand the deeper ideas behind Tai Chi, Chi Kung and meditation so they may improve their forms, increase their energy and feel more relaxed. Open to Beginners, Intermediates and students of all styles.

The Tao 10 (The Ten Taoist Exercises) PART 1 & Part 2

Athletic and energizing, these Ten Taoist Exercises tone the internal organs and strengthen and relax your body and your mind. A favorite with Taoist Arts Center students, the Tao 10 are the perfect warm-up for Tai Chi and will  benefit all those interested in health and fitness.

Taoist Energy Cultivation
Energy (chi) is basic to all Tai Chi, chi kung and Taoist meditation. In this course Taoist breathing, awareness and movement practices teach students ways to develop, store and increase their internal  energy. Taoist Energy Cultivation will be helpful for all those who wish to deepen their practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, and all who wish to feel more healthy, grounded and relaxed.

Taoist Stretching
These unique stretches begin where others end. They relax and connect all  parts of the body, balance its energy and creating deeper more comfortable movement. Taoist Stretching calms the nervous system, increase relaxation, and helps students to enjoy easier, more pain-free action and a greater range of motion

Ten Chi Kung for Health and Balance
This combination of Better Breathing and the Daily Dozen Chi Kung promotes efficient movement of breath and chi through the body and helps individuals be more grounded and balanced. Commonly used in China to relieve back, neck and joint problems, these ancient practices help ward off disease and create a feeling of relaxation and harmony with oneself and the universe around us.

Walking Chi Kung
Walking Chi Kung is a medical form of chi kung that helps students strengthen their immune system, release pain and tension, and feel better fast. The  gentle energizing movements are easy to learn and can be practiced by  those at all levels of health and fitness. Developed by Madam  Guo Lin  in 1970, Walking Chi Kung has become so popular that it is used in hospitals throughout China to assist their patients with recovery from life threatening diseases. This simple system includes the energy building Chi Kung Walk, techniques for  self-massage and methods of balancing the yin and yang energies of the body. An excellent introduction to medical chi kung, Walking Chi Kung is a great set for everyone who wants to feel healthier and more vibrant.

Yi Jin Jing: Muscle Washing Classic
The Yi Jin Jing Muscle Washing Classic (aka Changing the Ligaments) is a 1500  year old chi kung that strengthens tendons and ligaments, opens the meridians, increases flexibility and empowers students to emit energy from their hands. The active yet gentle exercises help students release blocked chi, balance the internal organs and enhance the immune system. The Yi Jin Jing is attributed to Bodhidharma, the founder of Chan Buddhism, who taught it to the monks at the Shaolin Temple for well-being and self defense. This classical set will be useful for all those interested in health, power and flexibility.

Yin Yang Hands Chi Kung
Yin/Yang Hands Chi Kung (often called Coiling Hands Chi Kung) activates the bodies natural spiraling pathways, loosens the joints and tones the muscles. These coiling movements in this set are the key to the internal power of Tai Chi and Chi Kung and will help students emit energy from the center to their fingertips, where they may use if tor health, work, or martial readiness.

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