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The Taoist Arts Center in New York City teaches classes in

Wu Style Tai Chi  Meditation  Chi Kung
  Susan Rabinowitz, Director


June 20 Through August 8, 2023

Cool Summer Chi Kung
Gentle exercises to cool your body and relax your mind.

Tai Chi: Wu Style Short Form
Slow motion movements to enhance relaxation, health and self-defense
TO ENROLL: srab@taoist-arts.com


'The soothing atmosphere and nonjudgmental instructors make  beginners feel comfortable.'
'Four Stars'
New York Magazine

with Susan Rabinowitz
Take Advantage of the Warmth of Summer to:
Increase Your Energy.
Jump Start Your Practice.
Get Results Fast

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April 25 through June 15, 2023
Blue Heron Chi Kung
Gentle exercises to relax your body and mind.
Tai Chi: Wu Style Short Form
Slow motion movements to enhance relaxation, health and self-defense

Chi Kung Meditation
Merge Taoist Meditation with Chi Kung to unite the physical with the spiritual
Intermediate Students Only.

Tai Chi: Wu Style Intermediate Form
The Intermediate form teaches stregth, connectivity and circularity of movement.
Co-requirement: Swimming in Air Chi Kung
Intermediate Students Only.

TO ENROLL: srab@taoist-arts.com


Here are some comments from our students.

Chi Kung just makes you feel better. Hillary A.

I have been attending both group and private classes at the Taoist Arts Center online via Zoom for over 2 years and my experience has been astonishingly successful. Susan and her assistants have the ability not only to demonstrate and teach the movements of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, but to consistently correct me so that I experience the internal and energetic connections that are crucial to learning these arts. It has been a fantastic experience and I am grateful to be part of this dedicated and skillful group. I highly recommend this school and the online course work. JoAnn T.

These classes are my rock. Susan never ceases to make it all newly challenging. Lorna S.

I have been taking Private lessons over Zoom with Susan for the last 3 years. They have given me the chance to receive personalized in-depth instruction in Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation. I live some distance from the Taoist Arts Center. but these Zoom classes give me the feeling that we are in the same room. She gives clear instruction that meets my personal goals and learning needs. I recommend private classes for anyone who wants to take their practice deeper and receive high quality personalized instruction in the Internal Arts. Ryan S.

To read more of what our students say about us please visit our Reviews Page.

Prospective Students are Invited to join us on the First Tuesday of each term for
Two Free Classes.


The Taoist Arts Center New York offers Private and Group classes
Tai Chi,  Chi Kung,  and  Meditation


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