Taoist Arts Center New York:

The Taoist Arts Center receives many letters praising our classes, workshops and camps. Here are a just few. I hope that you will enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy getting them. Susan

'The Taoist Arts Center is a very relaxed place that teaches very serious martial arts.' Sara P.

'What an amazing thing - in just 6 months my cholesterol has dropped 50 points.' Barbara R.

'I have been taking private and group classes at the Taoist Arts Center via Zoom
for over 2 years now, and my on-line experience has been astonishingly successful. Susan and her assistants have the ability to not only demonstrate and teach the movements of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, but to consistently correct me so that I experience the internal and energetic connections that are so crucial to the learning of these arts. It has been a fantastic experience and I am so grateful to be a part of this dedicated ans skillful group. It goes without saying that I highly recommend this school and the on-line course work' JoAnn T.

''Learning Wu Tai Chi and Meditation online via Zoom has given me an invaluable tool for self-defense against the stress of work. During times when life gets hectic I know I can count on these practices to ground me, release my nerves and bring me back to simply enjoying life. Thank you to Susan the the other instructors at the Taoist Arts Center NY for sharing this incredible art.' Ryan S

'Thank you Susan. Your teachings have been life changing
in the best of ways. Meeting you shifted my ideas of what force, power, healing, listening, presence and honesty could be. The soothing and healing effects of the Water Method wash away my stress and empower my practice. I am still unpacking what you generously shared over 10 years ago and getting new insights that apply to Dragon and Tiger Chi Kung, Heaven and Earth Chi Kung and the many movement and healing techniques that have helped me as a massage therapist. I have spend 100's of hours with my hands on people attempting to help them feel better and have taught a number of them how to open and close their joints as you did for me. I h'ave traveled much, met many teachers and played in other Tai Chi systems and I want to say that you have stood out both in skill and spirit. Little did I know that I had a great teacher to show me the first steps. As I travel farther afield I can still feel a little nudge in the right direction, or a little more at ease in my journey that comes as a result of remembering your teaching. I think about how you were able to help people feel better in the background of a conversation without them even realizing it. You planted a seed ant let nature open it upTyler B.

'The Taoist Arts Center has been a touchstone in my life for over 15 years. I still remember Susan’s inviting voice on the phone before starting Chi Kung classes in September 1998. She assured me that it would friendly and not intimidating. There is something for everyone here, no matter what level you are at. Susan, Sara, the assistants and the other participants are my Chi Kung and Tai Chi family. At times like now while my health is compromised, though I cannot attend regularly, I am always welcomed with open arms. Here at TAC, I have found a very unique level of caring and concern. By combining that with Susan's lifelong commitment to passing on her Taoist practice expertise, she has created a school of folksy New Yorkers who find solace in stepping down to the basement to enter a portal of sacred space.' Robin G

Susan is a knowledgeable and intuitive guide in the Taoist Arts. Her vast personal and professional experience affords her compassion and mastery in utilizing her powers of observation. I feel I have a solid base in Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Taoist Meditation because I started this journey with her: I will always draw on that strength as I cultivate my own awareness and ability to let go.' Andrea L.

'The Taoist Arts Center is a very relaxed place that teaches very serious internal arts.' Sara P

 'I've been taking group classes and private lessons in Tai Chi and Chi Kung at the Taoist Arts Center for several years. I believe the practices I have learned here have reduced my stress and tension and have also boosted my immune system. I highly recommend private lessons, In my opinion, the amount of time saved and the faster progress possible with lessons tailored to one's individual needs more than compensate for the additional expense. Susan and the other instructors are very knowledgeable and friendly. They make these practices really enjoyable'  Bob B.

'Chi Kung just makes you feel better.' Hilary A.

What an amazing thing - in just 6 months at the Taoist  Arts Center my overall cholesterol has dropped 50 points and my ' bad' cholesterol has dropped 25 points. I thank Susan and Sara for their inspiration and for setting me off on what I hope to be a long journey to continued health and well-being.' Barbara R.
'I enjoyed learning a way to relax and move painlessly, but with real results. I was able to renew myself, body, mind and spirit.' Terri T

'You are a centered and extremely knowledgeable teacher. Individual attention and instruction meant that my sister and I could both attend the Tai Chi camp. She as a beginner and me as not-quite-a-beginner. I learned a lot from your teaching and way of being. My form improved, my understanding deepened. I was very glad I participated. And the mountains are wonderful.' J. W


Happy campers pose for a group photo with Susan Rabinowitz (front row second left) at the culmination of the 2001 camp retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

 'I was diagnosed with a lung disease doctors consider fatal. I wanted to do something that allowed me to take control of my own health, so I joined the Taoist Arts Center. Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation really help me a lot. The classes I take here have improved  my breathing and greatly reduced the effects of my frequent lung collapses, they have become a part of every aspect of my life. The clarity and depth of Susan's teaching literally opened up whole new  worlds - primarily inside my body. The school provides a peaceful and friendly environment in which students are encouraged to work hard, yet progress at their own pace.' Catherine Chenoweth Assistant teacher, Taoist Arts Center 1998-2001

'The Marriage of Heaven and Earth is easy to learn and remember, yet it has so many layers to it, that it is never boring. Camp was relaxing and fun. I got to meet really cool people and experience Chi Kung on a daily basis.' Tom M.

Susan is a great teacher and a bright light in NYC !  Fred G

'Tai Chi helps me to play tennis and golf with better skill and it gives me a higher energy level. I liked meeting different types of people who came from different places, Susan and Cathy, you put out 100% to the participants. You really care if they learn. You mingle and are friendly with the participants, yet maintain control of the group in a gentle way. I really enjoyed camp.' Kay F

'Thank you for the Tao 10. I really got a lot out of the class, I definitely got stronger and more flexible, but I also learned a new way of being in my body and noticed that it really helped me in my Zen practice. I commute almost 1.5 hours by subway to work, and since taking your class, I am able to make a habit of bending my knees and standing without holding anything for the entire ride. It  doesn't even hurt.' Finn .

 'Susan is an excellent teacher - both in teaching the movements and in explaining what lies behind them. The classes have helped me to be more relaxed and calm.' Eva W

'The most surprising thing about Chi Kung is its slowness which sometimes feels like a roller coaster even as it doesn't move at all. Stillness becomes radical and grounding. I only did 6 sessions with you but the things we did in those sessions are enough  to work on for at least a year. I feel that what you gave me is substantial and plenty to work with. The tone of your teaching is humorous and serious mixed and wonderful. It was enough to get me hooked on Chi Kung.' Morgan O

'This experience came at an important time in both my personal life and business life. It has clarified many  issues for me and truly shown me the gifts of the internal arts. Thank  you is inadequate, so I bow in respect to my teacher, Susan.' Lynda W

The Marriage of Heaven and Earth has endless potential, yet is forgiving to beginners. All of the Chi Kung principles are reflected in this practice, I liked that it combines physical movement with energy movement. It also introduces an entirely new way of experiencing my body.' Maureen C

'After one private lesson with Susan Rabinowitz, I was able to do standing meditation for up to 20 minutes at a stretch without hurting my knees--something I couldn't do before.'  Jack B

'This was the most powerful workshop I have ever done. Many things that I have heard over the years make much more sense now. Thank you so much for the attention and the  caring.'  Gurupran K

'Practicing Tai Chi helps me to center myself and quiet the 'gerbils in my mind'. I really enjoyed camp. The mountains have such beauty. Susan and Cathy, you are both very professional and knowledgeable teachers - yet you maintain a wonderful (and at times absurd) sense of humor and are eager to share your  knowledge. I enjoy being with you.' Linda W

'I feel relaxed and alive. Attending camp is an opportunity to get back to nature and grow as a human being.' Max Q.

'Nice people and noncompetitive learning united with one-on-one instruction, beautiful locale and good  breakfasts, made camp a special time for me. Tai Chi has helped me to lean back, relax and feel the earth  It is soothing and has given me increased physical confidence. Leaving the mind, turning off internal thoughts; I practice for health and longevity. 'Dorothy D

'The communal environment and idyllic setting gave a special 'relaxed intensity' to learning at camp. The atmosphere provided energy and support for study. You are inspiring and dedicated  teachers. Your mastery of the internal elements of Tai Chi and skills as health practitioners are impressive. You are considerate and always ready to give personal attention.' Price M

'The entire experience was wonderful in every way - setting, instruction, topic, food, weather and best of all wonderful fellow practitioners. The Marriage of Heaven and Earth has endless potential, yet is forgiving to beginners. All of the Chi Kung principles are reflected in this practice, I liked that it combines physical movement with energy movement. It also introduces an entirely new way of experiencing my body.' Maureen C.

'You guys are the best. It's been fun and exciting to host your camps. Students come as individuals from all over the country and in very few days are united in friendship and common goals. You are excellent teachers. You have knowledge of Tai Chi and great teaching skills so that whatever experience level  students begin at there is always something new and fresh for them to learn. And everyone has so much fun! Enjoying the scenic mountains, eating country breakfasts on the deck, hiking on the trails and soaking away the evening in our hot tub. Thanks again for the chance to offer you our personal service and Southern hospitality.' Denny Defibaugh,  proprietor Woodberry Inn

'Rare are teachers, such as Susan Rabinowitz, who exude such an enlightening and joyful presence. I would gladly make the journey from DC to NYC again for this quality of instruction.' Ruben G

'Susan, your lessons are both educational and spiritual  each and every movement of my Tai Chi form vibrates with your being. The seminar you taught at Qi Elements was both useful and informative. The students especially appreciated your ability to correct them without judgment.' Sifu Nancy Bloomfield Owner and Head Instructor Qi Elements Tai Chi

'Tai Chi adds a whole new dimension to my martial arts training, improving not only my martial techniques, but my health and well-being. The retreat blended just the right mix of fun with intensive learning and a casual atmosphere with structured in depth teaching. You both have easygoing teaching styles that make it a pleasure to learn and are always ready with an encouraging word or a helping hand.' Paul 

'Chi Kung brings benefits within a few months and they continue to accrue. The teaching is simple and precise and the teachers and lessons touch my concerns and meet all my physical and mental problems.' Carsin

'At my age of 82 it is good to have a workout that is not too strenuous. Meeting new folks from other parts of the country expanded my geographic knowledge of America. I really enjoyed Tai Chi camp.' Evelyn H

'I found the Taoist Arts Center several years ago while looking for a school in which to study Tai Chi Chuan. Little did I know at the time how much more the Taoist Arts Center had to offer. I've now expanded my practice to include Chi Kung and Meditation, which have opened up the internal parts of Tai Chi to me. Director, Susan Rabinowitz has a great wealth of knowledge of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation that she shares with her students. This year I began taking private lessons with Susan, they have greatly enriched my knowledge, form and practice. Susan is an excellent teacher who is able to determine the next piece I need to learn and convey that information to me through a wide range of techniques. Recently I've noticed the  impact my internal arts practice has had on golf and in kayaking. In playing golf I relax my body more easily as I get ready to swing the club and I move in a more connected manner, resulting in the ball going further. In kayaking, my balance has improved which makes getting in and out of the boat much easier. Also I use less muscle in paddling because my body is better aligned. I highly recommend the Taoist Arts Center to anyone looking to explore Tai Chi, Chi Kung or Meditation.'  Virginia L

'I liked everything about Camp. The place, the group, the instruction, the content of the retreat and especially the peace of it all. Susan and Cathy have a wonderful  awareness of the pace of learning and their careful lesson plans allowed me to learn all the material comfortably.' Douglas B

'The flexibility and focus that comes through Tai Chi helps my mind and body.  After 3 days at camp I found myself squatting down to take a picture. My knees have not done that without pain since an injury in  the 1960s. The small group intensive and one mind focus on learning  something new was very good for my mind, body and spirit. I like the  'in it' together feeling. I am most impressed that I still practice the form 1 1/2 years later. Susan, you were great at getting me in the positions and Cathy was wonderful in guiding the movements between the  postures. You both know and perform the form eloquently and your  teaching styles compliment each other so well. ' Jan M

'Thank you. I enjoyed the retreat immensely.  It is not often that you get to fully immerse yourself into learning -  the summer retreat allowed me to solely concentrate on training. It is  also nice to get away from everyday life and relax. Susan and Cathy, you are special individuals who care about your students and take great care in sharing what you know. You are very knowledgeable, it is great to have two perspectives.' Max Q

'Camp was great, I liked everything about it.  The setting was beautiful and conducive to the practice. There was a  lot of actual practice balanced well with theory to help me understand the principles behind the work. You are both excellent teachers, each with your own particular style. Cathy, you are  a very sensitive and gentle guide who eased me into the movements effortlessly.  Susan, you have a great way of conveying some very complicated ideas into down to earth, understandable concepts. You encourage me to do my best, but not push myself. You are an excellent teacher. It is your calling.'  Jan W

 'I got into Tai Chi for health and as I approach my 60th birthday, I do think I'm stronger and more agile than when I started at the Taoist Arts Center two years ago. Still, I almost think of these improvements as fringe benefits. What keeps me going to Tai Chi is Tai Chi. It is just so interesting. Watching a Wu-style form, see things seem impossible--people are floating, or walking backward and forward at the same time. When you learn the form, or the chi kung sets that support it, you find out that really means-- not the showstopper moves, but the small, precise ones that make the others work. Forget about sinking your kwa. How about finding it? Keep your hips level while shifting weight, your knees on a line with your feet while rotating, say, 30 degrees, using all this to make your arms go up and  down, as if by magic--that's the easy part. Some of these moves are so unfamiliar, so counter-intuitive that, class after class, I'll be in a  group with eight people practicing a tiny move we already know, as if it was the most riveting problem imaginable. When I was getting to the end of the short form course, I felt as if each class was a chapter in a page-turner of a novel, and I could hardly wait to see how it came out! When I finished, I wanted to read it again and find out what I had missed. And that's pretty interesting, in itself.Carola D

'I am very happy that I found the Taoist Arts Center. It is perfect for me. Currently I am taking Chi Kung, Meditation, and Wu Tai Chi. I had done many forms of martial arts before I came to Taoist Arts Center, yet I wanted something that would teach me to be fully aware of my body and my surroundings and that could cultivate my internal awareness. I was looking for something more in martial arts than just self defense, even more than just physical fitness. After  taking a just few classes from you and Cathy, I was amazed at how well you explain and guide your students through the difficult concepts of  the internal arts.  I never stopped enjoying the classes since the day I started. But the first time I felt the real benefit was after I had a  skiing accident. I had dislocated my shoulder and had my hand in a sling. At first, I was afraid to come to class, but after I came and practiced, I felt that my healing process sped up and I was able to get  rid of my pain in a couple of weeks. From that time I was truly hooked. The practice also helped me to get over a very bad relationship without feeling anger or resentment towards anyone.' Oleg N

' I  like the Taoist Arts Center for the warmth and welcome I receive upon arrival and for the serenity with which I leave. The internal arts I learn there nurture my spirit and strengthen by body (and vice versa). They have given me enhanced mental and physical energy and focus. You are dedicated and caring teachers who allow your pupils to reach their full potential.' Sheryl B  

'The only enemy I have to defend myself from is myself. Tai chi and chi gung helped me remove my physical problems and be more relaxed. I practice to enhance my physical, mental and spiritual condition. My mind and body are a healthier unit to more readily experience and enjoy life, my back hasn't bothered me for 9 years. For my spiritual journey over the years, I have been following 'the way' which was  brought about by tai chi, I have this sense of well being and joy that  had always escaped me. Susan, your tai chi presentation was well organized and informative, the course fully met my expectations. I had a very pleasant vacation and made some new tai chi friends. You are knowledgeable on tai chi, maintained a pleasant and relaxed class, your presentation was thorough. Assistance was readily available and there was a lot of continuity to the class.' Erik N

'I'd like to share my insights into the benefits of Chi Kung and Tai Chi as taught by Susan Rabinowitz. I am a 39 year old actor playing an 80 year old character in the Broadway Musical, Jekyll & Hyde (3/98). This type of physical characterization is very stressful to my body,  performing this role 8 times a week. Since my introduction to Chi Kung and Wu Style Tai Chi I have found my energy, stamina and general health to have improved dramatically. I have enjoyed Susan's enthusiasm and compassion as a Chi Kung instructor and as a human being. She brings a  wealth of interdisciplinary knowledge to her field; from massage to counseling to a deep understanding of the theory and practice of internal marital arts. I have traveled extensively in Asia and have experienced many types of internal and external arts. Susan's approach not only integrates these experiences but adds a core foundation of understanding to them. I recommend Susan's Chi Kung and Tai Chi classes to anyone who wishes to improve their health and broaden their understanding of the world we live in.' Geoffrey B

Thanks again to all our friends for your help and support.

We are constantly growing. If you enjoyed our classes or camps learned something of value, met interesting people or just want to tell us about your experiences feel free to send an email to Share that experience with others!  We could print it here.

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