Taoist Arts Center New York:

Taoist Arts Center Courses
meet for 8-week terms.
Each 8-week term consists six (6) weeks of Instruction followed by two (2) weeks of Enrichment Classes. Tuition may be paid by the course, or by the class. Multiple term discounts are available.

    8-Week Term
    1 course                $150
    2 courses               $250
    3 courses               $350
    4 courses               $450

    Individual Classes:
    1 class in a night      $30
    2 classes in a night   $50

New Classes begin every two months.
You may Begin at Any Time.

Prospective students:
If you  would like to learn something new and meet the other students,
You are invited to join us on the
1st Tuesday of each term for Two Free Classes.

Personal Video Training with Susan Rabinowitz          
1 hour class          $120

Susan Rabinowitz is an Adept who can communicate. One-on-one Lessons with Susan will improve your skills, reinforce your class work, increase your energy and deepen your understanding 
To register or for information, Call 212/477-7055 or Email

'I have been taking group classes and private lessons in Tai Chi and Chi Kung at the Taoist Arts Center for several years. The practices I've learned here have reduced my stress and tension and boosted my immune system. I highly recommend private lessons. In my opinion the amount of time saved and the faster progress possible with lessons tailored to one's individual needs more than compensate for the additional expense.' 
Bob B.

Multiple Discounts available for 8-Week Terms
   2 terms                    5% off
   3 terms                  10% off
   4 terms                  15% off
To Register: Email

      We Accept Venmo:  @S-Rabinowitz
     Or you may send check or money order to:
     Susan Rabinowitz
     Taoist Arts Center,
     342 E 9 St NY, NY 10003


Taoist Arts Center New York Gift Certificates
Looking for the perfect gift?  Give the Gift of Health. Taoist Arts Center Gift Certificates are the perfect way to help your friends and family feel better fast and increase their energy and vitality. Gift Certificates are available for all classes.

The Taoist Arts Center New York offers Private and Group classes
Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Meditation.

Check out our Class Schedule.

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Taoist Arts Center New York 342 E 9 Street, NY, NY 10003
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