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Taoist Arts Center:
In Memory of Sara Powell

We are sorry to announce the loss of Sara Powell who passed away on March, 1, 2017. Sara was a long term practitioner of the internal arts, a student and certified instructor of Bruce Frantzis and a teaching assistant at New York’s Taoist Arts Center. She was a warm caring person and healer, who always went the extra mile to help everyone she met. She will be deeply missed.

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Sara Powell was the Assistant Instructor at the Taoist Arts Center from 2001 to 2017. She studied Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Taoist meditation with Susan Rabinowitz for almost twenty years and was certified to teach the Wu style short form of Tai Chi Chuan by Taoist Master Bruce Frantzis. A licensed physical therapist for  over 25 years. Sara trained in the Alexander and Feldenkrais techniques and Hatha Yoga. She established the Springfield School of Holistic Massage back in 1982. Sara's extensive background enabled her to integrate the eastern and western approaches to health for her students at the Taoist Arts Center, where she helped them to get the most out of their studies in the shortest amount of time.

TAC gp w Sara 2019.6

Taoist Arts Center, June 2009 
Sara Powell: 1st row, 2nd from right

In Memory:

Coming empty-handed, going empty-handed that is human
When you were born, where did you come from? When you die, where do you go?
Life is like a floating cloud which appears: death is like a floating cloud that disappears.
The floating cloud itself does not originally exist.
Life and death are like that
But there is one thing that remains clear - not depending on life and death.
Then what is that pure and clear thing?


Sara Powell (left) at Wudang Temple
Hubei, China 2002

Oscar Wilde said, “Where there is sorrow, there is holy ground”. j.h.

Sweet and kind, gentle but firm, caring and engaging. She will be missed.

Sara, beautiful spirit. We will miss your guiding hands and warm presence.

Sara you were a gift in my life, you made it richer and more joyful. I will miss you.  e.s

I wish to thank Sara for her compassionate teaching which I felt came from a place of love and concern for others. She was able to transmit much. May her spirit be well.

Sara, We will all miss you. I want to thank you for your friendship and your sharing your tai chi knowledge, special thanks for spending time in the ER with me until they admitted me. I came across a picture of you, John and I kayaking. It was great. Love you. v.l.


Sara Tao10 small

Sara demonstrates the Tao 10 chi kung

Sara, I’ve been stretching! I’ve been working on becoming more relaxed! Certain parts of my form remind me of you. Thank you for all your help. I wlll carry your advice with me. a.s.

Sara was truly a wonderful person, who helped everyone she was in contact with. Her generous guidance has greatly helped me with my tai chi and chi kung practice. She was always so full of life and energy.

I am in shock and am so sad to hear this news.  I want to offer words of sympathy and condolence.  Sara was truly a wonderful person, who helped everyone she was in contact with. Her generous guidance has greatly helped me with my tai chi and chi kung practice. She was always so full of life and energy.  Sending love and hugs. v.w.

I was greatly affected by Sara's teaching at the Center. She helped new students like me begin to consider the transition to a more fluid, connected way of practicing the short form. Sara was a marvel to observe and a pleasure to know. Her death leaves me sad, even angry; but her life gives me hope and courage.r.s.

I really looked forward to the weeks when Sara taught the classes. This was my chance to ask all the questions that, for some reason were not appropriate in Susan's classes.Esoteric questions - ususlly about energy systems or TMC. Detailed practice questions, exactly how many inches should your feet be apart? Quirky personal questions - why do I get a twinge in my butt when I do this? I do this? (show me). Not to mention referrals or odd health questions. or local scenes. How’s the brunch at Angelika. I will never get to ask her that or so many other things....   l.s.

Sara.Suze 2015.12

Receiving an Award

Sara SingleWhip small2

Wu Tai Chi: Single Whip

Sara was an exceptional person, She was honest, caring, warm and loving. She was always doing something for someone. Her kindness was balanced with knowledge, her seriousness by laughter, her spirituality with a zest for the earth and its creatures. A highly esteemed instructor at the Taoist Arts Center for almost twenty years, Sara delighted in sharing her knowledge and helped many students reach their highest potential. It was an honor to be part of her world. She will live in our hearts forever. s.r.


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