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On these pages you will find articles and research on the healing effects of tai chi, chi kung (qigong), Taoist Meditation, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Doctors and medical researchers continue to investigate the effects of these arts on conditions including diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, pain, and stress management. This page presents a selection of health articles along with others on Chinese philosophy and culture.

Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation

Chinese Philosophy

Medicine & Research

Tai Chi Lowers Blood Pressure
T'ai Chi -- the slow-motion form of exercise popular in China -- can  reduce blood pressure in older adults as much as regular aerobic  exercise, but without speeding up their heart rates, according to  researchers at Johns Hopkins  Medical Institution.

Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease reduced by Tai Chi
Research at the Oregon Research Institute (ORI) has found that patients  with Parkinson's disease had fewer falls after taking up Tai Chi. At  the end of the 24 week study participants demonstrated improved postural stability, increased walking ability and reduced slips and tumbles

Run Safe with Tai Chi
ChiRunning has incorporated the relaxed principles of tai chi with running and runners and are feeling better, stronger and more at ease.

Exercise Changes DNA
Exercise has long been known to have lifelong mental benefits, but until now scientists did not know why.

Old Brains, New Neurons
Our brain cells  grow all though our lives and if we keep our minds active we can access what we have.

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