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On these pages you will find articles and research on the healing effects of tai chi, chi kung (qigong), Taoist Meditation, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Doctors and medical researchers continue to investigate the effects of these arts on conditions including diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, pain, and stress management. This page presents a selection of health articles along with others on Chinese philosophy and culture.

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In the Women’s Corner: Susan Rabinowitz
Susan Rabinowitz, founder and director of The Taoist Arts Center New York, has practiced and taught tai chi chuan, chi kung and Taoist  meditation for more than twenty-five years. A dedicated practitioner of  Chinese internal arts, Susan is a senior student of Taoist Master B.K.  Frantzis, a lineage disciple of the Taoist sage Liu Hung Chieh. Her  approach to the internal arts is based on the Water Method of Lao Tzu  and the early Taoists that she learned from Master Frantzis.

The Water Method underlies all of Susan's teaching. It is based on the  idea of going with the flow of nature, of letting things happen rather  than making them happen. As water wears away rock, practitioners of this method dissolve energy blockages and allow their energy to circulate  freely. The method builds a foundation of good health on which  practitioners can transform themselves into balanced, mature beings at  ease with themselves and the universe. The transformation may be worked  through martial arts, chi kung, meditation or a combination of these.

Susan is a graduate of the William C.C. Chen School of Tai Chi Chuan,  where she studied with Master B.P. Chan, and a student of Master Ping  Zhen Cheng, from whom she is learning the Wu Tang tradition of Yang  style tai chi. She holds a B.A. in psychology and is a licensed massage  therapist. In addition to her work at the Taoist Arts Center, she has  taught tai chi and chi kung at a number of public and private  institutions, including New York University, the New School University  and Virginia Tech. Susan's work was showcased on the video Who Am I? Why Am I Here? narrated by Thomas Moore and was featured on the cable TV  program Light...Quest. Her article Dragon and Tiger Chi Kung appeared in the November 2002 issue of Inside Kung Fu Magazine. For older adults,  she has developed a chi kung program called Eldercise.

Susan founded the Taoist Arts Center in 1990 as a place where students  can learn traditional Taoist Arts in a friendly and cooperative  environment. She caters to students of all backgrounds, walks of life  and levels of experience. Her approach is based on authentic, traditional health, martial arts and meditation systems of China. She makes these systems accessible to  everyone through clear and thorough instruction geared toward  maintaining health and emotional and spiritual balance amid the stresses of daily life.

The Taoist Arts Center is located at 342 East 9th Street, New York, NY  10003. Further information is available by calling (212)477-7055 or by  visiting the center's web site at www.taoist-arts.com

Women's Corner: Susan Rabinowitz was published by Martial Arts World News 2005 at

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